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MTO Culture

MT Spirit:Perseverance and constantly improving.
MT Philosophy:Striving for the highest standards though confronted with difficulties.
MT Idea:Do specially, Do fine, Do strongly.
MT Talented Person Idea:Humanist and drawing on the best of each staff.
MT Prevailing Custom:Fully cooperating and rigorous, highly effective in work.
MT Objective:Good faith for this, the pioneer innovative.

Our company newly launched a body with coaxial illumination MZS1865TC depending on the machine. Unique optical design, high quality LED coaxial illumination contrast and good depth of field.

    Company staff from work time actively take exercise, exercise program is rich, table tennis, volleyball, basketball and so on all have, everyone enjoyed the exercise.

    On January 25, 2013, the company in "the village" restaurant meals, and sweepstakes, everyone was happy.


    Again in September 2012, our company was identified as high-tech enterprises.

    September 2015, in accordance with the  high-tech  enterprise? identification  and review  of  the  new  approach,  we  successfully passed the high-tech enterprises review, continue to enjoy the title of high-tech enterprises for three years.

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